Geyikbayiri Games

There was a time of magic and peace. And that time was now. In the fairy tale land of Turkey, where people are good and helpful and friendly and the nature welcomes you and enhances all your senses. The wonderful colors, the taste of a fresh orange, giving you the feeling you've never eaten oranges before, the smell of spices, the sound of the river and the waves of the Mediterranean, the pleasant roughness of the rocks.

When muscles tighten and in your head there's just this wonderful song, and you go on, higher and higher, carefully reaching for the next hold... you know that game, you do, you just have to focus. And then it's sent, and hugs and smiles and spotted pockets. For ants and snakes and Iron Maiden. In the active rest days.  

And then the moonlight walks, party or not, to campings and lands far away. On forest paths or on the road, sometimes hoping for an unexpected hitchhike.

Being an optimist in the early morning, even if the car has no more gas or you're just going to the rock ('n' roll). And that bitter sweet taste of Turkish tea while eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

And dancing at the crag. And Musli with fruit in the garden.

And black cats, big shepherd dogs and squirrels. And birds eating from the palm of your hand.

Sometimes you're wondering if you're still in Kansas, while the tent is coming over your face and you can hear the rocks moving and the forest is groaning.

And the you wake up and meet these beautiful people again, eating their biscuits, reading their books or playing football, juggling or just lying in the sun and you have this smile on your face even if darkness and sudden sunlight don't go well with Efes Malt. Nothing a special choco-banana crepe cannot mend. Maximum banana crepe.

And the line is colorful and loose and you're relying on your core and breathing to do the trick. And the lights spinning around you in a night of wine and music and butterflies. The games and the DJs and my God, that girl can scream! And then the dancing, and the CHAOS! Face painted people sharing cups of water. Fire shows and a tree full of people.

Holding hands and twisting the body and trusting legs that are not yours in this balance movement that frees your mind and prepares you for new unexpected turns... of events.

Ruins and hiking in the free day, and ancient Greek and sarcophagi and bouleuterions that nobody knows about. With hazelnut butter on bread on the 'sofas' of a big Roman amphitheater.

And Gunaydin and Genau and Haide and C'mon! Venga! Faster, bitches! and french accent. People playing chess and doing their homeworks. And drying clothes by the fire after heavy rains.

Guys, what is this? It's Pizza! Not for kindergarten people.

And then there's the short way to the Fish. In this very warm day when everybody's in Balkon 4. Rest days are forbidden.

And Tufas.

All this is in my heart in a wonderful mash-up. For Geyikbayiri is the place where magic happens.

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